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Mrs S Gelder
Mrs S Hodgson
Mrs L MacLean

Key Stage 3

Year 7 - Autumn Term
• Introductions /Greetings/classroom vocabulary and commands
• Dates/numbers 1-60/alphabet
• School / time /opinions

Spring Term
• School / food at school / uniform
• Family / pets / descriptions

Summer Term
• Family / personality / fuller descriptions
• Free time activities / hobbies/ finding out details about others
• Meeting up / favourites

Year 8 - Autumn Term
• Where I live / house / rooms
• Town / fuller descriptions
• Personal details / weather / activities in the past / time (more advanced)

Spring Term
• Holidays / holidays in the past
• Travelling by train / lost property
• Parts of the body / talking about illness
• Healthy lifestyle / daily routine

Summer Term
• Food and shopping / breakfast / shops
• Shopping for food / pocket money
• Family descriptions (in greater detail) / talking about a journey
• Staying with a host family / arranging to go out

Key Stage 4

Examination Board: AQA

Being able to speak a foreign language is a valuable skill for your career as well as your leisure time. A GCSE in a language will set you apart from many other school leavers in the country. You will learn to understand, speak and write the foreign language well. You will have opportunities to express your opinions, and to learn about life in other countries. The work builds on your achievements so far at Key Stage 3 - in fact you have already covered some Foundation Level GCSE work, and Universities are increasingly favouring applicants with a Languages GCSE.

Assessment: Each of the four skills will be tested and all exams take place at the end of Year 11. Your teacher will conduct the Speaking test.Progression: You can study German at A level. The Language learning skills you develop will also help you to learn other languages. Languages are important in a wide range of jobs as more companies and professions operate in a global market.

September 2017