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Mrs E Payne - Curriculum Leader

Key Stage 4

Examination Board: AQA

The media forms an integral part of all of our lives and in order to fully appreciate the effect it has on us, it is important to be media literate. Studying Media at GCSE allows students to develop the skills that they will need to examine a range of media texts across a growing selection of media platforms including print, moving image and e-media. Students will become familiar with the essential analytical Key Concepts of Representation, Audience, Media Languages and Institutions in addition to covering a large range of wider contexts and debates associated with the subject. Students will also be able to produce their own media products, providing them with a valuable portfolio of work that can be drawn upon in the future. On this course, students will be entered for a Double Award and will gain two GCSEs in the subject.

Double Award:


Unit 1: Investigating the Media

Written Exam - 1 hour 30 mins - 60 marks - 20%

External Assessment

Unit 2: Understanding the Media

Controlled Assessment taken from three banks of set assignments - 90 marks - 30% (Includes practical project).


Unit 3: Exploring Media Industries
Written Paper - 1 hour 30 mins - 60 marks - 20%
External Assessment
Section A: 10 short answer questions. Section B: 5 longer responses to a media stimulus.

Unit 4: Responding to a Media Brief
Controlled Assessment - set brief (changed annually) - 90 marks - 30%Research, Planning and Presentation to a 'client'

Fully Realised Production and Evaluation

Progression: The course prepares students very well for the AS/A2 Media course or any A-level course. Universities and employers also look for and value media literacy.