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Mr R Cranham – Head of Media Studies
Mrs N Al-Sanjari

The Emmbrook School Media department believe that Media is an integral part of today’s 21st Century living & it will only become more dominant over the next 5 years given the speed that technology is converging. We have a mission to educate students with the skills to be able to lift the veil on today’s media climate & not only explore the effect that it has on us as a society, but also to equip them with skills that will become common place in every business in the world. The UK economy alone has a massive creative sector adding ‘Almost £10 Million an hour’*, as well as being world renowned. With BREXIT only increasing the UK Film Industries international appeal, resulting in Shepperton & Pinewood studios being fully booked for the next 7 years, the creative industry is only set to grow exponentially.

The Emmbrook School’s Media Department has aspirations to be the best in Wokingham, boasting professional broadcasting equipment, industry standard software & educators forming strong links with industry. This allows for professional workshops on Script Writing, Editing, Idea Development and much more run by current industry professionals. This places your child to receiving some of the best media education in the local area.
Source *

KS3 Media Studies

Media Education at The Emmbrook School, starts early with Year 8 learning via cross curricular projects, to understand the media industry. Students will learn key programmes, such as Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Premier to make Superhero Movie Posters, TV drink adverts & music video production, whilst also learning the key aspects of Media, allowing them to pick options in an informed way at the end of Year 8. In addition there will be extra-curricular activities, such as Film Academy that will stretch and develop your child’s creative ability.

KS4 Media Studies

Examination Board: Educas (WJEC)
GCSE has seen massive reforms in recent years. The key concepts in media studies (Representation, Media Audiences, Institutions and Media Language) are explored from a variety of different topics and media Sectors. These range from The Music Industry to developing ideas for Crime Dramas. Students will also produce their own media productions, which allows them to showcase their creative ability as well as adding to a portfolio of work that can be taken to interviews in further education or apprenticeship schemes.

The GCSE consists of three units, two examinations & one piece of practical controlled assessment.

Component One: Exploring The Media (1 ½ Hour Exam worth 40% of overall qualification)
This unit focuses on how people, places and events are represented in a range of different media forms. Students are expected to be able to look back at historical representations of gender, sexuality, age, ethnicity and religion, comparing them to see how they have changed today.

Additionally students will be expected to understand Media Audiences and explore the relationship media institutions have with their audiences.

Component Two: Understanding Media Forms and Products (2 ½ Hour Exam worth 30% of overall qualification)
Here students get to focus on a range of different areas to do with Television Crime Dramas & The Music Industry. Exploring creatively, how messages are communicated to an audience & how the contemporary media landscape effects every-day lives through online and digital media.

Component Three: Creating Media Products (Controlled Assessment 30% of overall qualification)
This is a practical project responding to different briefs set by the exam board. Briefs range from the new opening sequence of a new TV Drama, to creating a website for a new artist or band. Students will be encouraged to follow their passions when it comes to their controlled assessment, allowing them to develop as individuals and nurture their passions towards the creative and media industries.