Welcome to our Music Department

Who We Are

Mrs A Wellman - Curriculum Leader


Key Stage 3

Year 7 - Autumn Term

  • Base Line Test
  • Rhythm Squares
  • Elements of Music
  • Programme Music

Spring Term

  • Melodic Shape Score
  • Medieval Music

Summer Term

  • Oriental Music
  • Egyptian Music

Year 8 - Autumn Term

  • Music and Mystery
  • Music From the Far East

Spring Term

  • Dance E-Jay/Music Technology
  • The Blues

Summer Term

  • Latin American Music
  • Pachelbel’s Cannon/Classical Music


Key Stage 4

Examination Board: AQA

Strands of Learning: Popular Music of 20th and 21st Century, Western Classical Tradition and World Music.

The specification for music is based on three strands of learning and five areas of study, exploring all aspects of music. You will be expected to compose two pieces of music, perform a solo and ensemble piece and complete a listening paper based on the areas of study. We will analyse many styles of music using listening, performing and composing skills. You must be able to play/sing to at least grade 1 standard. You must be open minded about the music you will be listening to and be willing to contribute to discussions during class. As a musician you will be encouraged to work independently as well as in a group and have the ability to work with time constraints. 

Assessment: Music is assessed in four main areas; Composing 20%, Performing 40%, Listening and Analysing 20%, Composing and Appraising 20%

Progression: Studying music at A level including music technology. Universities and employers recognise the musical skills and accept the subject equally with others. A range of different courses are available for those who wish to develop their skills after leaving school.

September 2017