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GCSE Results

Record GCSE Results for Students at The Emmbrook School

The Emmbrook is delighted by the record breaking success of our students this year. 74% of students achieved A*-C GCSE passes in English and Maths, an outstanding reward for the hard work of students and staff. The A*-C pass rate rose in both English and Maths, reaching 76% in Maths and 82% in English.

There was considerable success for students achieving top pass grades. An impressive 46% of all students received at least one A* or A grade, with a group of 15 students securing A* or A passes across 9 or more subjects. 1 in 5 of all results were A grade, with around a quarter of those grades reaching A*. There was significant success in a wide range of subjects, with over a quarter of all passes at A* and A grade in Maths and Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Computing and IT, Art, Business Studies, Drama, History, Music and Spanish.

Students of all ability groups made progress above national average. Our Progress 8 score (the new Government benchmark by which all schools are measured) indicates that the progress of our students was around a quarter of a grade better, per student in each subject, than the performance of all schools across England. This shows that regardless of their ability, students at The Emmbrook make excellent progress.

With these results we are confident that students will be able to move on to the next stage of their education, be that within our Sixth Form studying A-level courses, or on appropriate college courses at other institutions.

Nick McSweeney, Deputy Headteacher, says:

“These are a fantastic set of results, which are a credit to the students and staff who worked so hard to achieve them. It is a real pleasure to see this group of students break our previous record for A*-C passes in English and Maths.

“The most pleasing aspect of these results is that they demonstrate that students of all abilities make excellent progress at The Emmbrook.

“Over the last few years students, parents and teachers have had to cope with a great deal of change and uncertainty within the education system. I am so proud of the partnership that we have created with students and parents, and that this has led to such strong results.”

Paul O’Neill