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Sports Day Information


Our annual Sports Day will take place on Friday 21st July. This will be an opportunity for the students to engage in a day of sporting competition.

As has been the case in previous years, the school day will end at the conclusion of the sporting programme. This year we are planning a more concentrated programme, which we anticipate will create a more engaging experience for participants and spectators. We will therefore finish early on July 21st; the school day will end at 12.40pm. Students will be dismissed at that time.

Unfortunately, the school buses will use the same timings as a normal school day. Therefore, in order to support parents, we will be happy to supervise any students who want to remain on site until 2.55pm. Students who remain on site must be supervised, so will be taken to the hall.

Also please note that the school canteen will only be open during break 1, so if students are staying on the school site for the afternoon please provide suitable refreshments.

If you would like your child to remain with us until 2.55pm, please notify us in writing or via email (using These students will not be dismissed at 12.40pm, but will be kept under supervision until 2.55pm.

We appreciate your support.