Gifted and Talented Students

Able, Gifted and Talented

At Emmbrook School we aim to personalise every student’s learning. We aim to enable each student to fulfil their potential and reach the highest levels by ensuring that the work is set at an appropriate level for their ability and contains an element of stretch and challenge.What is Gifted and Talented?
A ‘Gifted’ learner describes a student who is of exceptionally high ability and is capable of excelling in one or more subject, generally the top 2% nationally and the top 5- 10 % of our cohort, each year.

A ‘Talented’ learner describes a student who has the ability to excel in practical skills such as sport, art, music and drama.

How do we identify a pupil as Gifted and Talented?
  • Information given to us at transition from KS2
  • Performance and assessment in their subjects at Emmbrook School
What happens to a pupil who’s been identified as Gifted and Talented?
  • They are placed on our Gifted and Talented Register
  • They are tracked to make sure they are making the right levels of progress
  • Extra stretch and challenge will be given to them in lessons
  • Extra-curricular provision in the form of clubs, events, trips and competitions
What is the Gifted and Talented Register?
The register is used by all teachers to track progress and ensure that pupils nominated are reaching their targets. Upon entry to KS4, G&T pupils should make 4+ levels of progress. Pupils can be added at any time during their schooling at Emmbrook School.
Teaching A, G & T students

Teachers will:
  • plan extension activities in lessons which will provide alternative tasks at a higher, more challenging level.
  • offer support regarding Careers Advice and provide opportunities for extra-curricular experiences in and out of school
  • look to remove obstacles to allow students to realise their potential and ambitions
  • recognise that some students need to find their own way to learn and fulfil their potential, and consequently be flexible in their facilitation of the students’ learning environment
Characteristics of gifted children
Typical characteristics of more able, gifted and talented to look out for include:
• Highly developed literacy skills
• Logical reasoning ability
• Imagination and creativity
• Ability to link concepts and ideas
• Ability to question ideas and concepts
• Ability to apply what they know in new contexts
• Wide reading
• Wide general knowledge
• Excellent memory skills
• Humour
• Proficiency at problem solving
• Interpersonal skills
• Intrapersonal skills
• Bodily/kinaesthetic skills
• Rapid assimilation of material
• Focused concentration on specific tasks
• Persistence, determination and high standards
• Musical ability
• Keen observation
• Leadership qualities
• Intellectual curiosity


Parents and teachers of more able children have found the following websites useful:
• The National Association for Able Children in Education - NACE
• National Association for Gifted Children
• London Gifted and Talented
• International Gateway for Gifted Youth - IGGY. Membership is free during the pilot stage.
Any queries about A, G & T students should be sent to Dr Eagle