All schools are managed by a Governing Body, which works closely with the Headteacher and senior staff to run the school in line with DfE and Local Authority guideline.

The Emmbrook School Governing body consists of five parent governors, one local authority governor, one staff governor, one headteacher and eight co-opted governors. They are all volunteers who give their time and expertise free of charge to ensure that the school is run well, within budget and putting the needs and well-being of pupils and staff at the forefront.

As with any large organisation, the managers, in our case, the governors, work in a number of committees which cover various aspects of the school’s organisation. These include Teaching and Learning, Resources, Student and Promoting Emmbrook Committees.The governing Board has the following core strategic functions:

Establishing the strategic direction, by:

  • Seeing the vision, values, and objectives for the school.
  • Agreeing on the school improvement strategy with priorities and targets.
  • Meeting statutory duties.

If you would like to find out more about the role of the Governors or if you wish to contact the Governors regarding a particular matter, please feel free to contact the clerk to the Governing body, at the following email address: . She will be able to direct your enquiry to the appropriate Governor or committee. All our Governors are very approachable.


Mr Paul O'Neill

Head Teacher

Co-opted Governors

Mr David Whiting

Chair - Governing Body - LEA Governor

Mr Alun Hicks

Chair of Resources - Community Governor

Ms Helen Belcher

Teaching and Learning Chair, Full Governing Body and Resources

Mrs Janet Grimes

Students Committee Chair, Full Governing Body, Promoting Emmbrook, Teaching and Learning

Mrs Allyson Spence

Full Governing Body, Student Committee, Promoting Emmbrook

Mr Shae Gilbert

Full Governing Body

Mr Geoffrey Beedham

Full Governing Body, Resources Committee

Parent Governor

Mr Christopher Coyne

Full Governing Body, Chair Promoting Emmbrook, Teaching and Learning, Resources and Student committee

Mrs Janet Westfield

Full Governing Body, Student Committee

Mrs Fiona Sullivan

Full Governing Body, Student Committee, Promoting Emmbrook

Mrs Anelie Sernevall

Full Governing Body

Mr Henry Godwin

Full Governing Body, Student Committee

Staff Governor

Dr A Eagle

Full Governing Body, Teaching and Learning Committee

Local Authority Governor

Dr David Carter

LEA Governor

Associate Member Governor

Mr Clive Jones

Full Governing Body, Resources Committee