The Library

Welcome to the Emmbrook School Libary

Adjacent to our newly built Richard Carter Building, the main school library offers an enormous selection of books and information to help you get the best out of your subject knowledge.  If you've got a query or a question about any of the materials we may or may not have on offer, be sure to ask our fantastic dedicated librarian.

The Library supports the aims and objectives of the Emmbrook School by providing an environment that gives students access to books and information to reinforce their curriculum development; creating a sense of livelong learning; and providing skills and information for life and citizenship.

We aspire to:
• Provide a quality service, give value for money and aim to satisfy user needs.
• Ensure the widest choice of resources are provided and maintained.
• Ensure timely and accurate information is provided to all users on request.
• Provide materials and facilities to promote independent learning.
• Encourage the use of the full range of library resources and services.
• Ensure physical and intellectual access to resources for all users


Library Management System

The Emmbrook School Library is fully computerised, using Microlibrarian's Eclipse Library Management System. This facilitates efficient records management and procedures, and allows all resources to be comprehensively searched. Students are registered using biometric technology, which takes a pattern from their thumbprint but not the complete image and converts it into a digital stream of numbers that is then stored.

This information is covered by the Data Protection Act 1988 (revised July 2007 to cover this technology) and the school follows all the recommended guidelines: the data is only used within the Library for its intended purpose, it is not shared with any other organisation and, once a student leaves the school, their records are deleted from the system. The biometric reader is only installed on the issue computer in the Library that is doubly-protected by passwords, stand-alone and not linked to any other network. Additionally, the technology to convert the data back to its original format is not currently available and so this information is extremely secure.

There are several advantages to using biometrics. Issue and return of books is simple and quick. Library cards are not required. This enables the librarian to focus on the aims of promoting reading and supporting the curriculum rather than administrative tasks. Students do not have to remember to bring their cards to school or worry about losing them and, their library user area can only be used by themselves to take out resources.

Clubs in the Library

Chess and Games Club - Do you enjoy board games such as chess, draughts and Scrabble? Or word-searches and sudoku? Then why not come along on Wednesdays after school ... all levels welcome.

Warhammer Club - Do you play Warhammer 40K or Lord of the Rings? If you do come along to Warhammer Club on Thursdays. You can play wargames, make & paint models or exchange strategy tips. The club has it's own scenery so all you need are your own models. We also have painting competitions, meetings with other local schools and an annual trip to Warhammer World in Nottingham.

Homework Club - An ideal opportunity to use the library to help you with your homework. You can use all the resources and Mrs. Band is on hand to help you... please check if you are planning to come along to use the Library for homework as we sometimes have other activities going on.

Reading Group (staff and 6th form only) - This is an informal group, that meets once a month to exchange reading ideas and discuss the latest selected books.


The Library runs a Scholastic Book Club with a new "Cover to Cover" leaflet published every half-term so that you may order books through the school. There are lots of bargains available including new titles and old favourites, together with stationery. These are distributed via tutor groups in the lower school but can also be found on the issue desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the library? - All students are registered onto the library computer when they join the Emmbrook School.

How many books can I take out? - If you are in year 7 or 8 you can borrow 3 books. If you are in years 9 to 11 you can borrow 4 books.  If you are in 6th form you can borrow up to 6 books. Books may be borrowed for up to 14 days. You can return them as soon as you’re finished using them. You cannot borrow magazines or reference books.

How do I take a book out? - When you have chosen your book you need to take it to the issue desk to have it entered under your name and stamped with the return date.

How do I return my books? - When you have finished using your library books remember to return them to the issue desk to have them taken off your library record.

What happens if I want a book for longer than 14 days? - Bring your book in and ask to have it renewed, it will then be stamped with a new date for return. You can only renew books twice.

What happens if my book is late? - You will be sent an overdue reminder, fines are charged on late books at a rate of 2p per day per book. The maximum amount per book is 50p. If you have an overdue book you cannot take anything else out until it is returned.

What do I do if I have lost or damaged my book? - Do not ignore this, the computer knows you have the book and will keep sending you reminders for its return. Eventually a letter will be sent home asking for the payment for your book.  

Rules of the library

• Line up quietly outside the library before your lessons. Do not block the doors.
• You should always work or read quietly.
• Your behaviour should not disturb other library users.
• Look after your library books.
• Do not lend anyone your library books.
• Return or renew books by the return date stamped inside.
• No shouting or calling out.
• Do not run or play games.
• No eating or drinking.
• Computers are to be used for work or research only.