KS3 Geography Curriculum Map - Curriculum Leader:






Year 7


  • What is Geography?
  • Where on Earth are we? From continent down to country. Longitude & latitude, continents, oceans, world regions and countries. Class project “Country Connections”
  • Levelled Assessment- skills & places 
  • Our Changing Landscape
  • Physical processes at work to shape the land.
  • Dynamic Coastlines incorporating basic OS map skills
  • Levelled Assessment, How can we protect our coast?
  • The Restless Earth:
  • Plate tectonic theory; volcanoes (including the volcano model competition) and then earthquakes

  • Exploring the UK
  • Physical Geography of the UK, incorporating limestone landscapes & potential Cheddar Gorge Trip opportunity.
  • The Human Geography of the UK: cities, towns & transport links.
  • How have humans changed the earth?
  • Settlements and how they have changed the landscape.
  • What is your settlement like? Quality of life survey & project..
  • The Restless Earth continued - Levelled assessment – newspaper report of the causes, effects and responses to an earthquake.
  • World Sport – focus on the football industry or the Olympic games


Typical Home Learning Assignments
  • Learning the locations of places for a test
  • Map-work, including layer shading
  • Researching personal links to the world
  • Flow diagrams showing limestone formation 
Typical Home Learning Assignments
  • Researching landforms along the coast
  • Practising grid references & other map skills
  • Assessing the pro’s and con’s of sea defences
  • Learning settlement shapes and key features
Typical Home Learning Assignments
  • Learning the types of plate boundary
  • Researching the causes, effects and responses of an Earthquake
  • Building a labelled model of a volcano

Year 8


  • Hot vs Cold Environments – general climate zones & biomes and then ecosystem theory.
  • The Tundra biome – physical and human geography.
  • The Geography of Crime: local crime and the global threat from modern day piracy
  • Levelled Assessment – how can piracy be tackled in the Gulf of Aden?
  • Pirates snakes and ladders game – causes of & solutions to modern day piracy. 
  • The Geography of Oil & energy - alternative energy sources.
  • Levelled assessment, oil & gas exploitation in the Yamal Peninsula


  • Tropical Rainforest biome, including an opportunity for the Kew Gardens trip
  • Levelled assessment – managing the rainforest sustainably.
  • Model " the structure of a rainforest.
  • Food miles – short unit on where our food comes from & eating sustainably
  • The Geography of Oil & energy
  • Different types, problems of using non-renewables
  • Pole to pole – the differences between the Arctic & the Antarctic
  • Antarctica tourist brochure. 


Typical Home Learning Assignments
  • Researching species found in the Tundra & their adaptations
  • Understanding the equatorial climate – flow diagram
  • Researching the structure of the rainforest 
Typical Home Learning Assignments
  • What are crime hotspots & why do they occur?
  • Writing suggestions to improve the quality of an area
  • Research current piracy issues
  • What solutions are there to the problem of piracy?
Typical Home Learning Assignments

  • Research where we get our energy from
  • Card sort – how is oil formed?
  • Classifying the problems created by using oil
  • A table of pro’s and con’s of the alternatives to oil

Year 9


  • Extreme Weather – an introduction to global climate patterns. Why do we get different types of weather & climates?
  • Tornadoes – theory & fact sheet
  • Tropical Storms – where/why/different names/impacts. 
  • Poor Africa?
  • A unit from the RGS, challenging Africa stereotypes & study Ghana
  • Levelled Assessment, a typical LEDC, data research, reasons behind status etc. 
  • Tourism – the growth and change of the industry
  • Majorca: a holiday paradise?
  • Focus on eco-tourism, research successes and more dubious examples


  • Extreme Weather cont.
  • Levelled Assessment – source response, causes and management options of Cyclone Sidr.
  • Development (December onwards) intro to what it is & how it can be measured.
  • Small Group Campaign to raise awareness of a development issue – website, poster & leaflet campaign                                                                
  • Tourism continued…
  • Eco-tourist resort, model & marketing brochure.
  • What is sustainability?
  • Look at variety of issues surrounding sustainability, prep for GCSE (cities, living spaces etc.
Typical Home Learning Assignments
  • Mapping the locations of tropical storms across the world
  • Hurricane formation – sort out the correct order
  • Research the impacts of recent tornadoes
Typical Home Learning Assignments

  • Research development indicators & what they tell us about a variety of countries.
  • Map-work – which countries are in Africa?
  • For a nominated country find out WHY it is less developed.
Typical Home Learning Assignments

  • Timeline of how the tourism industry has grown since 1950’s
  • Classifying the positive and negative impacts of tourism in Mallorca
  • Research: what are the rules for eco-tourism?
  1. Geography KS3 Curriculum Map 2011