School Equipment


Your child will require a Student Planner at the start of each academic year. This provides students with school information, their timetable for the year, homework diary and is a vehicle for communication with parents/guardians.

We request a £5.00 voluntary contribution towards the cost of the planner and this will be collected at the end of the Induction Day. The planners will be issued at the start of term.


Lockers are available in school for rental by pupils during Years 8 & 9.  Each pupil can hire a locker and receive two keys for a non returnable contribution of £27  to cover the period up to the end of Year 9.  (This equates to £3 per term)

Should a student move to another school before reaching Year 9, he or she will be reimbursed the rental fee on a pro-rata basis.  If a student loses the original keys, a replacement barrel and two new keys will cost £10.

Locker Application Letters will be issued at the start of the autumn term.

Subject Resources

There will be occasions where students will be asked to pay for specific resources which will ultimately become their property, e.g.  Art books, calculators, cookery ingredients, etc. No profit will be made on these items and any quantity discounts achieved will be passed on to students.


We have provided a checklist for the essential equipment that your child will need in September. Click here to download this.