The Curriculum

The Curriculum

At the Emmbrook we take pride in our curriculum, in the flexibility it affords and the opportunities it gives to our students. The broad and balanced curriculum we provide is crucial to the development of well-rounded learners who have the opportunity to progress into Sixth Form and beyond.

In this ever changing world we as a school need to adapt to ensure we maximise your Child’s success. With the move from modular to terminal examinations and the increased rigour of new GCSEs we feel it is the right time to maintain our options process in Year 8. This will allow more time for your child to develop a deeper understanding of the subjects that they are interested in and will help them take the next step towards his chosen career.  

At the heart of the curriculum are the CORE SUBJECTS: English, Mathematics, Science, PSHE, and Core PE. These subjects are compulsory for all students.

The Government have made many changes to the GCSE’s your child will be studying. They have increased the content and also the difficulty of all subjects (relative to previous GCSE’s). We are increasing the time given to study English and Maths during Keystage 4 because of the rigour required.  This is also the advice given by OFQUAL, professional bodies and examination boards.

As well as the Core Subjects students will choose their individual Learning Pathway. Choices are made after careful guidance from the school and from parents. Whatever choices a student makes, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum which aims:

  • To provide all students with the opportunity to reach their educational potential.
  • To equip students for the future by developing transferable skills suited to a wide range of opportunities.
  • To enable students to progress successfully onto further education, training or employment.
  • To give all students the opportunity to enjoy their learning now and in the future.

Some things to consider when choosing your options:

The English Baccalaureate (EBacc) is a Government progress measure and not a qualification. It requires students to achieve a C grade or better in English, Maths, Science (which can include Computer Science) and either Geography or History and a Modern Foreign Language. More academically able students will be advised to follow the EBacc route. If a student is capable of achieving a C grade or above in a Modern Foreign Language (MFL), you will receive a letter, encouraging your son/daughter to take a language.

During year 9, all students must choose Geography or History as their first option.

Students will be allowed to choose only one D&T subject from their other three options, to permit a breadth of subjects within their Learning Pathway. Special consideration will be given to some students if they can demonstrate a future need for more than one D&T subject. Please contact me directly if you wish to discuss this.

Allowing for the above limitations, Students will have free choice from the subjects listed on this site for their other three options.

In considering their choices students should:

  • Think about how well they have done so far in particular subjects.
  • Listen to advice.
  • Talk to students in Y9, Y10 and Y11 during College Time.
  • Ask lots of questions.
  • Discuss any problems they encounter

We advise you NOT to:

  • Choose a subject to be the same as a friend.
  • Choose a subject because you think it will be easy - there's no such thing!
  • Choose a subject because you like a particular member of staff - there's no guarantee that they will be teaching you.