Business - Ctech

    Qualification Level: Cambridge Technical Extended Diploma in Business

    Qualification Duration: 2 Years

    Exam Board: OCR


    This qualification is for learners 16 years old or over who want to study business. It is equivalent to 3 A-Levels. This qualification will provide learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding to progress into Higher Education on a business-related programme such as Business, Business Management, Marketing, Business and Finance, Business and Economics and Accounting. It will also allow learners to choose non-business related degree programmes.


    Unit 1, The business environment - this is an externally assessed unit. This unit will give learners an understanding of the wider external contexts in which businesses operate and of internal business functions and their interdependencies. The unit will allow learners to appreciate how legal, financial, ethical and resource constraints can affect business behaviour and the influence that different stakeholders can have and how businesses must respond.

    Unit 2, Working in business - This externally assessed unit will cover the skills and understanding needed to work effectively within a business environment. This includes arranging meetings, working with business documents, making payments, prioritising business activities and communicating with stakeholders. The way that these activities are dealt with will vary according to the specific business protocols in place. Some of these will be specific to a functional area, however, many are common to almost all job roles. The skills and understanding you will develop through this unit are critical to the success of any business and are highly valued in the business world; they are vital regardless of the role held within an organisation.

    Unit 4, Customers and Communication – In this unit you will learn the purpose, methods and importance of communication in business and the appropriateness of different forms of communication for different situations. You will develop the skills that will help you create a rapport with customers and have the opportunity to practise and develop your business communication skills. You will also learn about the legal constraints, ethical and security issues that affect how businesses store, share and use information.

    Unit 5, Marketing and market research - This unit has particular emphasis on the role of market research and how it contributes to marketing decision-making, and the actions a business may take. Market research is the process by which organisations obtain the information they require. You will gain an in-depth understanding of primary and secondary market research methods used to inform marketing decision-making and any constraints on marketing activities. You will develop an understanding of the importance of selecting appropriate market research methods for market research proposals and you will be able to carry out market research, analyse the market research findings and present the findings.

    Other units include;

    Business Decisions, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Campaign, Human Resources, Economics for Business, Accounting concepts, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Resource management, Change management, Principles of project management, Responsible business practice, Business operations, International Business, Delivering a business project.

    Skills developed

    Learners will also develop transferable skills that are valued by HE and employers such as communication, planning, teamwork, research and analysis.