Child Development

Welcome to Child Development ( available for the current year 11 and year 10 only -2019)

Who We Are

  • Mrs A Slyfield
  • Mrs C Loveday

Key Stage 4

Examination Board: AQA 

This is a course that allows pupils to study the structure of families looking at roles and responsibilities and family values.  It will explore the wide range of factors which affect the decision to have children and the roles and responsibilities of parenthood.  You will study pre conceptual health, preparation for pregnancy and methods of delivery.  The course also allows you to investigate the development of new born babies and children up to the age of five years.  You will also have the opportunity to take home a virtual baby for a weekend, giving you a close to life experience of a real new born baby. The skills gained on the course will be invaluable for later life.

Assessment: Controlled assessment makes up to 60% of the final mark.  This is made up of one research task making up 20% and a child study making up the other 40%.  The examination is 40%.

NB – please note all pupils will need access to a child between 0-4yrs to study in year 11.

Progression: There are many jobs and opportunities open to pupils who study child development.  These include nannying, teaching, nursing and other health care opportunities.

September 2018