English Language and Literature - A-Level

    Qualification Level: A level

    Qualification Duration: 2 years

    Exam Board: AQA

    Entry requirements Grade 5 in both English Language and English Literature GCSE


    A level English Language and Literature is the ideal subject for those who enjoyed both Language and Literature at GCSE. This course offers the opportunity to explore a wide range of literary and non-literary texts spanning different historical periods, genre, audiences and purposes. Through formal essays and creative writing you will discover different layers of meaning within each text – as well as coming to understand how meaning is created. You will study a wide range of literary fiction including poetry, prose and drama as well as non-fiction texts such as travel writing, memoirs and even transcripts of natural speech.

    Using an integrated framework of literary and linguistic analysis, you will be able to explore these texts in detail and you will also have the opportunity to respond creatively by adapting and shaping original material.

    Your study will also involve: wider reading based on a variety of thematically linked texts, classroom discussion; essay planning and writing; analysis of literary and linguistic features and creative writing. Students are taught in small groups and, when drafting coursework, in one to one tutorials.

    Year 12 content:

    100% exam

    Paper 1 – Views and Voices

    • Analysis of prose and poetry texts

    Paper 2 – People and Places

    • Comparison of two non-fiction texts
    • Re-creative writing.  Taking a text in one genre and adapting it to another

    Year 13 content:

    80% exam   20% coursework

    Paper 1 – Telling stories

    • Comparison of two non-fiction texts
    • Analysis of prose fiction literary text
    • Analysis of two poems

    Paper 2 – Exploring conflict

    • Re-creative writing based on a set text
    • Analysis of drama text

    Coursework project

    • An independent language and literature investigation

    Trips and other costs:

    You will need to purchase copies of the set texts and the course text book (approx. £25)

    Career and further study:

    A level English Language and Literature has a high academic reputation with Higher Education institutions and with employers. An A level in English Language and Literature gives students confidence and a solid basis for undergraduate study. The course is wide ranging and aims to produce students who are confident, well-read, have excellent analytical skills and are capable of expressing themselves fluently, both verbally and in writing.

    Language and Literature students have gone on to careers in journalism, advertising, broadcasting, law, social science and teaching.