Media A-Level

    Exam Board: AQA

    We all use media everyday on our phones, tablets, reading the papers, posting pictures on Snapchat and Facebook or listening to music on YouTube; it is an inescapable part of modern life. Media Studies allows students to become more active and critical users of such media. Taking Media Studies students will view, evaluate and analyse a variety of media products, and develop practical skills spanning a range of media forms. Students will study contemporary, diverse topics and varied and engaging content, helping them to develop research and problem-solving skills as well as their creativity. They’ll also refine their debating skills through the discussion of contemporary issues from a range of perspectives. A-level Media Studies gives students transferable skills for future careers and experience that prepares them if they choose to progress with their study.

    Subject content

    Core content

    • 1. Media language
    • 2. Media representation
    • 3. Media industries
    • 4. Media audiences

    Students are required to study media products from all of the following media forms:

    • Audio-visual forms (TV, film, radio, advertising and marketing, video games and music video)
    • Online forms (social and participatory media, video games, music video, newspapers, magazines, advertising and marketing)
    • Print forms (newspapers, magazines, advertising and marketing

    In addition to the broad coverage of all media forms, students must engage in the in depth study of at least one audio-visual, one print and one online media form. Each in depth study will link the specified media form to all four areas of the theoretical framework.

    Non-exam assessment (NEA 30%)

    To complete the NEA, students must independently create a media product in response to a brief set by AQA. This brief will be released on 1 June in the year preceding the exam.

    Trips and other costs

    We hope to take students to  specialist courses at the British Film Institute (BFI) on the South Bank cost approximately £10 per course plus train fare to London Waterloo.

    Students should purchase a memory stick for storage of work.

    Careers and Further Study

    Many students taking A Level Media Studies go on to University to study Media in many various forms from journalism, media production, TV presenting, gaming production to advertising and other creative industries.