Theatre Studies A-Level

    Exam Board: AQA


    A-Level Theatre Studies is a well-balanced course offering students extensive opportunities in practical exploration alongside a genuine academic qualification. You will examine two set texts throughout the Theatre Studies course as well as developing your understanding of a variety of practical approaches and styles. You will be taken to see professional theatre both regionally and in London. You will develop key skills, such as: acting skills, critical evaluative skills, analytical skills, quality of written communication, creativity, negotiation, diplomacy, assertiveness and resilience, a broadening and deepening of theatrical knowledge and an increased understanding of theatrical style, genre, form and approach.

    Course content

    Unit 1: The study of text and live theatre which leads towards a final examination at the end of the course. 

    Students will be taken to see live shows, learn vital deconstructive and analytical skills in order to help them evaluate the work of theatre makers.  They will also be taught how to interpret texts from different periods.  The texts we will use will be Antigone by Sophocles and Our Country’s Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker. 

    Unit 2: The preparation and performance of a devised piece of drama.

    Students will learn how to create an effective piece of devised theatre and will learn how to theatrically document the process of their creation through the construction of a working notebook.  Students will learn about key theatrical practitioners during this unit so that they can apply theatrical methodology to their own practice.

    Unit 3: The practical exploration and interpretation of three different textual extracts.

    Students will learn how to approach a range of theatre as they are guided through a series of workshops on three varying textual extracts.  They will develop their ability to apply the work of theatrical practitioner in this unit and will be expected to prepare their third extract for performance.  Students will create a reflective report on their work and will learn how to realise artistic intention as well as develop their skills of personal theatrical evaluation.

    Trips and other costs:

    Theatre trips (we aim for 3-5 per year) and play texts.

    Career and further study:

    From A-level, students can progress to higher level study in a range of subjects such as Drama, Performing Arts, Theatre Studies or other non-theatrical subjects such as English, History, Sociology, Geography and Business Studies to name but a few.  Students can also progress onto a specialised Drama school or seek employment in a theatrical field if they wish to specialise in a theatrical role.  Guidance is given for this as required.