Internet Safety and Online Consent

Focus on Years 7 and 8

For students in year 7 and 8 coming to secondary school should be an exciting and happy time however for some it can be confusing and worrying. One reason for this is social media and inappropriate conversations in group chats. We urge all parents to discuss what they are using their phones for and what conversations are happening online. Below you will find some resources to help with this, aimed at parents they all discuss staying safe online with a focus each on different social media sites. 

Parents Guide to Instagram

Snapchat Advice

Supporting Young People Online

Instagram Advice


Update 28.02.2019 Momo Challenge

The Momo challenge has been discussed in the press and has affected some of our school community. Click on the image to the right for some advice relating to this upsetting online activity.


We are supporting Internet Safety Day on Tuesday the 5th of February with a week of assemblies. The theme this year is online consent with a focus on the data we are sharing online. Students will a presentation in assembly. 

There are a number of parental resources which you might find useful