House Leader: Miss R Donovan

House Captains: Katie Hampton and Luke Woodhead

Ethos: Reach for the stars!

Saturn house prides itself as a team across all year groups, who always show consistent enthusiasm for participation in events and initiatives – a high turnout is always fantastic to see! We are known for our welcoming attitude to all, determination to do our very best for the good of the house, and bringing together our range of talents to work as a team (and have fun doing so!).

Saturn, we encourage our students to take part to nurture their creativity, teamwork and willingness to take on a challenge. From cake baking to photography, poems to space projects, we thrive on seeing varied and winning ideas. Saturn’s students also remember the importance of showing their best efforts in lessons, impressing teachers with effort, participation, independence and respect towards teachers and peers – which is reflected in our students’ fantastic achievement points

We like to encourage our students to simply get involved, have fun and work across year groups as a team.