House Leader: Miss R Donovan

House Captain: Eve Watson, Paige Hopkins and Miracle Uwannah

Ethos: Determination and optimism

Motto: 'Teamwork makes the dream work'

Saturn students reflect many of the schools key values as we pride ourselves on being: hardworking, resilient, determined, optimistic and kind. However, above all of these things, our top priority as a house is that all students feel happy and like part of a family. We pride ourselves on the sense of community we have and we aim to always work hard as a team and treat each other with respect and kindness, no matter what. 

Our key house values of determination and optimism, even through the toughest of challenges, are more important than ever this year in the new and uncertain times that we're all experiencing. Despite these new unforeseen challenges, we have faith that Saturn is going to come out even stronger than before, having been victorious in many school competitions and feeling even more like a team than before. 

We can't wait to see everyone participating in all of the fun (and COVID safe) activities we have planned for this year! 

Orla and Will