3G Pitch

Excitement is reaching fever pitch in the PE changing rooms around Emmbrook as we are weeks away from opening the new facility. 

We are weeks away from opening the new 3G pitch and to say the PE staff are excited is an understatement. It has been pleasing that although the new pitch is of a considerable size, there is still more than enough field remaining to ensure consistent delivery of Rugby and Football.

Staff have been patiently watching the development since the results days in the summer holiday and to see it near completion is fantastic.

The team constructing the site were under pressure to have the floodlights working ready for Open Evening to show off the fantastic new addition to the school and the fact that they managed it is testamount to their hard work. We will have full use of the pitch during school hours and for afterschool clubs which will give more opportunities for our students.

Look out for the letter that was sent by email about the footwear you will need for the pitch.