Business A-level


    Qualification Level: A Level

    Qualification Duration: 2 Years

    Exam Board: Edexcel


    Business is a modern qualification that develops invaluable knowledge and skills. This course maintains an academic approach to business, developing analytical and evaluative skills. Students will learn how businesses are started and managed, including the development of enterprise skills.

    Year one content:

    Theme 1: Marketing and people

    Students will develop an understanding of the how and why businesses try to understand their customers. They will explore different markets and different marketing strategies. This course then leads into people management and leadership with a focus on entrepreneurs and leaders.

    Theme 2: Managing business activity

    This unit covers key activities involved in running a business or organisation. The course develops understanding of sources of finance, financial planning and financial management. This course develops understanding of resource management and how external economic factors can impact the success of a business.

    Year two content:

    Theme 3: Business decisions and strategy

    This theme looks at various topics involved with decision making for business including decision making techniques, influences on business decisions and change management. The theme also incorporates business objectives and strategy, business growth and assessing competitiveness.

    Theme 4: Global business

    AS businesses are not limited to our shores, this unit develops understanding of the main benefits and issues of international trade and global corporations. Globalisation is analysed as well as the expansion of firms into global markets. An in depth look of various multinational companies is undertaken to understand how they operate and how they can benefit and implement global marketing.

    Career and further study:

    Business provides an excellent foundation into a range of university courses, such as business, management, finance, accountancy, law, events, marketing and international business. Any joint honours including business e.g. Business and language. Business qualifications are very well received by employers.