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Qualification Level: AS equivalent

Qualification Duration: 1 year

Exam Board: AQA


The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a standalone qualification designed to extend and develop your students' skills in independent research and project management.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) allows students to extend their abilities beyond the A-level syllabus and prepare for university or their future career. It is worth half an A-level (70 UCAS points) so can be used to earn extra UCAS points. An increasing number of universities are including the EPQ in their offers to students.

"Nearly 1 in 5 successful applicants to Durham had completed the EPQ" - The Sunday Times 16 Feb 2014.

Year one content:

Students are required, with appropriate supervision, to:

  • choose an area of interest
  • draft a title and aims of the project for formal approval by the centre
  • plan, research and carry out the project
  • deliver a presentation to a non-specialist audience
  • Provide evidence of all stages of project development and production for assessment.

Trips and other costs: Students may, as part of their project, make visits or purchase materials pertaining to their project. These costs are to be borne by the pupil, though some assistance may be available.

Career and further study: The EPQ is awarded UCAS points worth half an A-level and is recognised by universities and employers; some leading universities, such as Southampton University, make alternative offers to students undertaking an EPQ.

The EPQ allows students to embark on largely self-directed projects. By taking responsibility for the choice and design of an individual project (or an individual role in a group project) students:

  • become more critical, reflective and independent learners
  • develop and apply decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • increase their planning, research, analysis, synthesis, evaluation and presentation skills  learn to apply new technologies confidently
  • Demonstrate creativity, initiative and enterprise.

Examples of projects previously undertaken by Emmbrook EPQ pupils

  • “Mental health and eating disorders” GRADE A* 2015
  • “American anti-terror laws vs civil liberties” GRADE A* 2015
  • “Where are we with Dyslexia?” GRADE A 2015
  • “Are sociopaths made or born?” GRADE B 2015
  • “Seven deadly sins through the lens of a cameras” GRADE B 2015

Examples of projects being undertaken by Emmbrook EPQ pupils

  • “Why does the universe follow the cosmological principle?”
  • “What is the nature of black holes?”
  • “What are the roots of socialism and is there a conflict with evolution?”
  • “How is the world’s shortage of water to be addressed by engineers?"