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Our Students Receive Recognition of Their Achievements - GCSE Results 2020

It is pleasing and reassuring that the recent announcement from Ofqual, allowing GCSE results to be determined by teachers, means that our Year 11 students have received fair recognition of their achievements. Staff are very fond of this cohort and as a result of the hard work of students and staff, they were shaping up to produce excellent academic results before the impact of the lockdown.

This year’s top performing student is Elena Arizabalo Peralta, who deservedly secured ten GCSEs at grade 9, a grade 8 in Additional Maths and an A grade for her extended project qualification. There was considerable success at grades 8 and 9, with outstanding GCSE performances by Lucy Clarke, Patrick Collins, Paddy Coyne, James De Villiers, Alexandra Harvard, Layla-Mae Martin, Jay Panesar, Mary Pratt and Daniel Robson.

It has been a very difficult time for Year 11 students as they have faced huge disruption and uncertainty. We have tried to give students as much reassurance as possible and have worked hard to maintain important milestones such as last day celebrations and a socially distanced results day here at the school; it was important that we were here to celebrate with and support the students on such a significant day for them.

After five years there will always be mixed emotions as we say goodbye to the Year 11s; inevitable sadness but also satisfaction at seeing our students move on to the next stage of their education. This year, we are delighted that the majority of the cohort are opting to stay with us by joining the Sixth Form. With the strength their performance and the rising popularity and success of the Sixth Form, this September we will have the largest Year 12 intake for at least five years. Given their talent and attitude, we are very excited to see that they can achieve at A-level.

Bex Cairns, our Head of Year 11, added “I have had the absolute pleasure of taking this wonderful year group through from the end of Year 7 all the way to this moment in Year 11. Today, seeing them collect this incredibly impressive set of results, albeit a little differently to normal, has got to be one of the proudest moments of my teaching career. The young people collecting their results from us today embody everything The Emmbrook School stands for, between them, they have worked incredibly hard, remained resilient and achieved amazing things. I am incredibly sad that I will no longer be their Head of Year, but equally so pleased that I will see so many of them in our Sixth Form next year. However, no matter where they go, I am certain that they will go on to do amazing things and I cannot wait to hear all about them. So, one final set of congratulations to the most amazing year group, please keep in touch and continue to be as amazing as you have been for the last five years!”

Nick McSweeney



We Celebrate our Students’ Achievements - A-Level 2020

We are delighted to be able to celebrate with our students today, after the uncertainty of the last six months which has undoubtedly caused them anxiety as they have awaited their results in unusual circumstances.

Despite the need to maintain social distancing, I am so pleased that we were able to welcome back our students this morning to collect their results in person, so that we could share the moment with them and acknowledge the fruits of their hard work and determination. This included many outstanding individual performances; our top performing student, Wiktor Kepa, secured A* grades in Drama, English Literature and Religious Studies.

The results today will mean that the vast majority of our students will now be able to progress to the next stage of their studies, with students taking up places on courses at many of the UK’s top universities, including Oxford, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham, Southampton and Warwick. Many other students will be going on to apprenticeships and work placements.

Mr Constable, our Head of Sixth Form added “my first year group through as the Head of Sixth Form have been incredible. The results they have achieved are the culmination of two years of hard work. We are sure that they will all go on to be successful in the future and we wish them the very best of luck.”

Nick McSweeney



Outstanding Success for our GCSE Students - 2019

We are delighted to share the successes of our 2019 cohort, with a quarter of all grades awarded at 7-9 (equivalent to A/A*). Two thirds of our students achieved a strong pass in all subjects. English and Maths maintained their high performance, with 75% of students achieving a standard pass in English and 72% in Maths.

Our focus on academic excellence has resulted in outstanding individual performance. Impressively, on average, each of our high ability students made a third of a grade more progress per subject than high ability students nationally. Some individual successes include the following:

Solly Wheeler secured seven grade 9s, an 8, two grade 7s and an A* in Further Maths.

Klaudia Tyrala achieved seven grade 9s, an 8, two grade 7s and an A in Further Maths.

Alex Ford earned four 9s, an 8, two 7s and A* in Further Maths.

Katie Hampton has three grade 9s, an 8, six grade 7s and an A in Further Maths.

Tom Machin accomplished two 9s, four grade 8s, a grade 7 and an A in Further Maths.

Joschen Gavilan earned one grade 9, three grade 8s, four 7s and B in Further Maths.

Toby Jones achieved two 9s, an 8, five grade 7s and A in Further Maths

Jess Court secured a grade 9, two grade 8s, five 7s and B in Further Maths.

We are extremely proud of our students and their well-deserved achievements. Alongside these high performing students, we had success across the ability range. We’re delighted to be celebrating alongside our students today, who have worked hard for their results. The overall pass rate for all qualifications was 99%.

As Acting Headteacher, it is pleasing to see our students turn their hard work into the results that they deserve. I am very proud of our community; staff and students worked in partnership to produce these outcomes. With these qualifications, our students will be able to access the next stage of their education. I am delighted that so many students have chosen to remain with us in our Sixth Form.

We all wish our students continued success and prosperity in the future.


Nick McSweeney


Thursday 22nd August 2019

A-Level Results 2019 - Outstanding Success for our A-Level Students

We are delighted by the success of our students this year, who have achieved outstanding results at A-level. One quarter of our students achieved A* and A grade passes, and over three-quarters secured A*-C grades. This represents an improvement on last year and keeps our Sixth Form performance in-line with all of the high performing local Sixth Forms.

Academic achievement was strong across the breadth of the curriculum. The school's strong focus on academic excellence has paid dividends across a broad range of A level subjects. A significant proportion of students achieved the highest grades of A*/A in a wide range of subjects, including: Chemistry, German, Maths, Further Maths and Media. 

As always, our top performing students have achieved results that put them amongst the highest achievers in the country. We are extremely proud of our top performing male and female students; Ben Lebovitch has secured three A* grades in Maths, Further Maths and Physics, and Steph Hutchinson achieved A* passes in Biology and Psychology and A in Chemistry. Across all of our students there has been fantastic success with many students not only achieving entry requirements for the next stage in their education but exceeding these requirements considerably.

David Constable, our Head of Sixth Form says “I am incredibly proud of the hard work that our students put in to achieve these excellent results. As a year group these students are a credit to the school; a conscientious group of individuals who were excellent role models for the school. These students embraced the spirit of the Sixth Form and were pleasure to teach. I wish them well in their future career paths and expect them to stay in touch as part of the growing Emmbrook alumni.”

As Acting Headteacher, I am so excited to see the successes of each of our students, many of whom will be going on to prestigious universities. With the strength of these results, I know that the vast majority of our students will be successfully enrolled into university, college courses, apprenticeships or take up employment this September. Our Sixth Form represents the pinnacle of our family, these young people truly represent the best of The Emmbrook and I am confident that they will each go on to be successful in their chosen fields.

We all wish our students continued success and prosperity in the future.

Nick McSweeney


Thursday 15th August 2019

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