House Leader: Miss D Taylor

House Captain: Charlie Vyacheslavov and Harry McBain

Ethos: Respect & Integrity

Motto: 'Winning as one'

At the Emmbrook School the house of Mercury, pride themselves on the core values of respect and integrity, which we believe, are crucial values to hold in all aspects of life. Together at Mercury, the inclusion of all students through competition is key, whatever your interests we want to ensure that you have the opportunity to use your skills and talent to represent your house and contribute to the house system. Through this, we endeavour to form a great sense of community spirit through competition and place Mercury house at the top- together.

Now being a PE teacher one side of me morally would say it is all about taking part… however, I would be lying if I said I did not want to win! Together as one by being the best that we can be and holding The Emmbrook School’s FAIR values at our core we can rise and follow through our motto and ‘win as one’.

Hello everyone, we are Ashleigh Ackermann, and Cameron Kristensen and we are Mercury’s house captain and deputy.

Ashleigh: I am so excited to be your house captain and ready for us to take the lead and make the house events as much fun as possible. Even though we are going through a time that is not ideal with the non mixing of bubbles we are still going to be making the most of the time and working together as not only a team but a family; I want everyone in Mercury to feel like they are part of a family through this hard time. We will be winning as one. Win and succeed but do it as a team let’s make Mercury the best house there is. Let’s go win as one!

Cameron: I am excited to be working alongside Ashleigh to help bring Mercury to the top over this year whilst having fun! The times are tough currently, it has not been easy on anyone, but so far you have all handled this amazingly and we hope to be able to continue to bring you guys fun activities and events throughout the year! Our motto is of course 'Winning as one!' we want to win, but if we are not working as a team that is impossible! I believe in all of you!