Welcome to The Emmbrook School PTA

Our aim is to support the staff and students of our school, anyway we can. We can do this by:

  • Assisting staff on specific projects
  • Supporting staff activities
  • Supporting student activities
  • Sports Day and Year 7 disco
  • Fundraising activities
    • Gift Aid support, quiz night, Wokingham Half Marathon bag drop off, car boot sale, Wokingham Winter Carnival chocolate tombola.

Please refer to our news page for upcoming events.  Since September 2012, parents through the PTA have contributed considerably to the Emmbrook School and its pupils.

Our donations for this year 2020-2021 so far are:-



History - Visualiser


Science (Biology) - Stage Micrometer


Science (Biology) - 10 x Microscope Slides


SEN Team - Rocketbook


Science - Desktop Cameras


MFL - Website Subscriptions


Music - Soundtrap 


Science - Vacuum Pumps


PE - Textbooks
£677 Science - Full Sized Microscopes
£486 Exams Office - 2 x Exam Reader Pens
£336 MFL - Vocab Express Subscription
£387 English - 3 x Visualisers

If you would like to make a contribution to the School through Gift Aid (which adds 25% to the value of a donation), please visit the Gift Aid page and return them to the PTA Treasurer through the School Office. 

The Committee

The Committee are nominated and elected at the AGM at the beginning of each academic year.  As per the Constitution, the Committee consists of the Headteacher, 2 members of staff, 2 Governors and 8 or more parents. All Committee Members are Trustees in the eyes of the Charity Commission.

The Committee for the year 2020 / 2021 is as follows:

  • Chair – Mrs S Keogh
  • Secretary – Mrs N Hopkins (Parent Governor)
  • Treasurer – Mrs N Ilbrey

Other named members are:  Mrs K Botsi, Mrs M Cordozo, Mrs B Poole, Mrs S Toolsie, Mrs S Smith and Mrs J Xanthoulis.

The staff members are: Mr B McGrath (Geography) and Mrs J Rimmer (Administration)

You can contact the Committee at or via Twitter @TheEmmbrookPTA.