Friday the 16.11.18 will be non uniform day in support of Children In Need. 

We are collecting for the PTA chocolate Tombola which will be part of the Wokingham Christmas Carnival. Chocolate can be dropped off at reception or your child can bring it in and drop it off during form time. Thank you!

Welcome to the parents section of the website.  A student will be happiest at school when the parents are informed and able to support. If you feel that there is anything missing that you would like to see on here please let us know at

A key evening for parent communication is parents evening. The dates for each year group are:

  • Year 7 - Wednesday the 1st of May 2019
  • Year 8 - Wednesday the 27th of February 2019 ( Options evening on Wednesday the 13th of March 2019)
  • Year 9 - Wednesday the 20th March 2019
  • Year 10 - Wednesday the 22nd of May 2019
  • Year 11 - Wednesday the 7th of November 2018
  • Year 12 - Wednesday the 27th of March 2019
  • Year 13 - Wednesday 31st of October 2018

All parents evenings are booked at and run from 4pm until 7.30pm