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warding Body: Edexcel

Level: A-Level


We don’t always like politicians and the things that governments do... but the business of politics touches every aspect of our lives. And whilst we might criticise governments for some of their policies, it has to be better than having no government at all. Society just wouldn’t function without an elected body to decide, say, what taxes will be levied, how those taxes will be spent on things like health and education or how the country will be defended. But no matter whether government makes you feel angry or reassured, it’s worth having a knowledge of how the whole process of an elected government works. It also fascinating to compare the political systems in the UK with those in the most powerful democracy in the world – the USA.

Year one content

  • Component 1 UK Politics

Political Participation • Democracy and Participation • Political parties • Electoral systems • Voting behaviour and the media. • Core ideas (Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism).

In this Unit you will study how citizens can play a role in political life in the UK and you will familiarise yourself with key ideological standpoints that underpin politics in the UK

  • Component 2 UK Government

The Constitution • Parliament • The PM and Government • Relations between the branches. • Optional ideas (choose one from anarchism, ecologism, feminism, multiculturalism and nationalism). We will be studying Feminism for Optional ideas.

In this unit  you will study the institutions that make up government in the UK and you will also learn about a key political ideology in depth,

Year two content:

  • Component 3 – Comparative Politics – We will cover Option 3A - US Politics

The US Constitution and federalism ● US Congress ● US presidency ● US Supreme Court ● Democracy and participation(Elections and voting, Pressure Groups, political parties) ● Civil rights


Assessment comprises three exams( at the end of the two year course) with a range of short and long-answer (essay) questions, one of which may use stimulus material. Comparative links with UK politics will be required.

Trips and other costs:

  • Text books for the entire course are £35 from Pearson Edexcel (brand new)
  • Trip to the Houses of Parliament

Career and further study:

Having a Government and Politics A Level helps you to prepare for the research element of a university degree.  Its high level academic status means that taking this subject will prepare you for the rigours of study at degree level.  Careers that use Politics qualifications include accountancy, journalism, diplomacy, marketing, law, museum studies, teaching and librarianship but there are many more.