School Uniform

Emmbrook branded items for the school uniform are available through Marks and Spencer. Click here to access their website. 

From July 2023 we will be using a new supplier - Earth Uniform. Full details to be published soon.

Jupiter: Yellow              Mercury: Red             Saturn: Green              Venus: Blue

It is very important to the school that students wear the correct uniform during the school day and when travelling to and from school.  We believe that this sets the standard in terms of high expectations and a purposeful attitude towards work, while promoting the school and our ethos.  We rely very much on the co-operation of pupils and parents in helping us to set and maintain high standards of dress and appearance.

Parents should be aware that the Local Advisors of the school are keen that the school uniform should be adhered to closely and that, in the last resort, students who are not in school uniform could be excluded from school until they are properly dressed.

Information regarding First Days Uniform can be found here for those who may struggle purchasing uniforms

Below is a list of school uniform and P.E clothing that the students are required to wear. 


Our compulsory items of uniform are available from Marks and Spencer at the following website

 PE Uniform (The below is correct at time of writing - supplier will change to Earth Uniform from July 2023)

Rugby Top

Compulsory - AKOA Reversible Rugby Top – Navy/White with embroidered badge

 Microfleece Compulsory only if Rugby Top is not purchased - The Emmbrook School Navy with embroidered badge

Polo Shirt

Compulsory – AKOA Sports Polo Shirt – Navy/White with embroidered badge


Compulsory – AKOA Multisport Short – Navy with embroidered badge


Compulsory – AKOA Navy Pro Sports Socks

Track Pant/Joggers

Optional - AKOA Pro Track Pant / Joggers – Optional Navy

The emmbrook 3G Pitch

Emmbrook 3G Pitch

We have received specific guidance as to the appropriate footwear needed from the supplier, TigerTurf so please bear this in mind when purchasing footwear as part of your child’s school uniform.

Permitted Footwear


Footwear that is not permitted

For further details please consult:

Please direct any questions to: