Staff List

Headship Team

Mr N McSweeney Acting Headteacher
Mr T Bhambra Acting Deputy Headteacher - Safeguarding
Mr P Whitehouse Assistant Headteacher - Academic Outcomes
Mrs L Fyfe Assistant Headteacher - Teaching and Learning

Year Leaders

Mrs S Hodgson Leader - Year 7
Mrs S Baker Leader - Year 8
Mr J Tichband Leader - Year 9
Mrs E Horne Leader - Year 10
Miss R Cairns Leader - Year 11
Mr D Constable Leader Sixth Form

Faculty Directors

Mrs E Fry English and MFL Faculty Director
Mrs L Panesar Maths and Computing Faculty Director
Mr C Humber Science and PE Faculty Director
Mr C Johnson Business and Humanities Faculty Director
Mrs M Simpson Creative and Performing Arts Faculty Director
Mrs R Blyth Pastoral Director

Curriculum Leaders

Mrs M Simpson Art and Design
Mrs C Loveday Biology
Mr C Johnson Business and Economics
Dr A Eagle Chemistry
Mrs L Panesar Computer Science
Mr A Malyan Drama and Theatre Studies
Mrs K Ellis English (Acting)
Mrs V Kisubi Geography
Ms R Bundy Government and Politics
Mr J  Matthews History
Mrs J Chopra Maths
Mr R Cranham-Glancy Media
Miss E Fry Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs A Wellman Music
Mr J Curry Physics
Mr C Humber Physical Education
Mrs R Wood Religious Studies (Maternity Leave)
Miss K Smith Leader of Science
Mr D Constable Sociology and Religious Studies

SEN and Inclusion

Mr T Bhambra Acting Deputy Headteacher
Miss K Andrews SENCo
Ms G Oliver SEN Manager

Student Support and Examinations

Mrs S Woolfenden Pastoral Welfare Manager
Mrs K Evans Examinations Officer