The House System

All students and members of staff are attached to one of the four Houses. Staff and students voted for the House names and chose to return to the original Emmbrook Houses which are as follows:

  • Mercury - Red
  • Saturn – Green
  • Jupiter - Yellow
  • Venus – Blue 


The house system has been an integral part of The Emmbrook School since its inception over 50 years ago. It aims to provide an even greater sense of community and competition as well as a range of new opportunities for students to get involved in school life and try new skills.

Every student in the school is identified within their houses through their school tie which consists of a coloured stripe indicating their house colour.

The school’s house system also promotes an inclusive and collaborative learning environment and provides opportunities for students to engage in enriched curricular activities including sporting clubs, music concerts, drama productions, bake-offs, creative writing competitions and charity events.

The house system is a central part of our school community, encompassing our school value of being a ‘family’. It unites students across each group, including the sixth form. It creates a sense of belonging and will involve a range of events within each department.

The winning house from 2022-2023 was Jupiter, as proudly featured on the banners outside of school. Despite Saturn winning sports day by only 3 points, Jupiter remained reigning house champions, having secured the highest number of house points overall (achievement points plus sports day points). Jupiter did this by winning a number of the house competitions below that will run again this year;


Cross country


Halloween bake off

Shocktober spooky story writing


Photography competition


Dodgeball tournament

Christmas card competitions


History diorama


Gymnastics display


World Book Day

British Science week model competition


Emmbrook Easter Egg Extravaganza


Geography diorama


Tug of War

House badges design


Sports day.