House Captain: Mark Crawley (yr12)

Deputy House Captain: Jamie Breakspear-Holt (Yr12)

House Leader: Mr B McGrath

Ethos: Participation

We think the best ethos we could pursue is participation: winning is great but it's the effort we put into trying to win that really makes us a better person. Not everyone is born or can learn to do be a winner but we can all try to better ourselves by competing and that's what we want to champion!

Venus has done tremendously well with this core value so far this term: the biggest competition has been the Halloween Bake-Off which saw Venus win the most number of entrants from all the houses: great work from House Venus! We want to keep this streak up and always come out on top for efforts.

We've also had our first House Winner! Elena in year 10 has blown away the competition to win the English Halloween poem competition! It’s great to see that the more we participate the more we go on to win. Here's hoping for more great wins in the future...

The next competition is the Christmas at Home/Emmbrook photo competition: let’s go again for maximum participation and then hopefully a win as well for 2 in-a-row!