House Leader: Mr R Edwards

House Captain: Kai Mallet, Bobby Addison

Ethos: Resilience and selflessness

Motto: 'We’re gonna smash it!!!' 

The upcoming year is sure to be an amazing one. Whilst we may have to adapt our ways to suit new Covid times, we won’t let that stop us from doing what we do every year, including raising money and awareness for charities (even with the 2m distance) and having fun along the way of course. 

We are Venus.

A house that represents the courage to carry on despite challenges. A house that is resilient and kind- one that looks after one another. A house that has the bravery to stand up for others. A house of blue, with hearts of compassion and whilst blue can seem like as sad colour, and whilst we have been through some perhaps sad times, we oppose this. 

In Venus we are all equal, all heard, all matter and if you feel this is not the case then we’ll get it sorted. We are here to support, encourage and listen to one another and by extension anyone in the house of Venus or any house please feel free to talk to us (Daniel and Hannah) about any inter-house challenges, small fundraising ideas and things we can do as a house in general with these Covid measures in place. We’re here for you and we are going to have fun this year. We are Venus after all!

Lets do this!! We’re gonna smash it!! 

Daniel and Hannah