House Leader: Mr McGrath

House Captain: Mark Crawley

Deputy House Captain: Jamie Breakspear Holt

Ethos: Taking part

Motto: TBC

Update - May 2019

Is it the winning or the journey that matters most? Is it the medal or what you learn along the way? Some people are natural born winners – some strive to win and succeed – some try their best and don’t quite make it this time – and some don’t try, so fail. Everyone wants to be a winner in life but the best way to get there is trying – it took NASA 28 failed attempts to get to the moon, and JK Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers before Harry Potter was printed. It’s their perseverance: their willingness to try and try again that has made them the successes they are today and that’s what we want from Venus. The more we take part, the more we learn and the better we can be.

The Halloween Bake Off was our first event back in Autumn and whist we didn’t win the overall best cake we DID have the most entrants! That translated into getting more points than the other houses because every entry got 2HPs: proof that participation is the best way to win!

Following this was the Halloween Poem competition which again we not only had the most entrants for, but we won! Big shout out here to Elena in Yr8 whose poem got the votes of all of the judges!

Staff really pulled it out the bag for the Christmas Photo competion: it was great to see them leading by example with their entires. Unfortunatley we didn’t win here but the staff did have the most participants!

In sports our Sixth Formers have really shown their zeal with a winning performance in dodgeball. Some houses struggled to form up teams but sticking with our ethos we smashed the team sign ups! For basketball it was our year 10s that outdid themselves with a win but year 8 and sixth form deserve a mention too for their second place results! In gymnastics we held 3 of the 6 winners/second places with a special mention to Sarah in year 7 for being most improved – exactly the kind of achievement we want in Venus!

Most recently we’ve had World Book Day where Venus really showed their creativity with first AND second place in the short story competition (thanks Eddy and Elizabeth!) even the teachers did well second place in the dress up!

With 14,263 House Points we’re only 140 away from second place: that’s less than 1% separating us! Equally as important we have the least sanction points out of any of the houses: 20% less than some! I’m sure this is something we can keep succeeding at – maybe even pulling into second place for the HPs in the coming half term.