Year 8 into Year 9 Options

Welcome Message

The beginning of Key Stage 4, at the start of year 9, is a very important time. The following three years of the curriculum will lead to a range of qualifications at the end of Year 11. These qualifications will enable students to progress on to further courses in our Sixth Form or College. It is vital that correct choices are made.

The particular combination of courses followed by a student during Years 9 to 13 is called a Learning Pathway, a programme which is personalised to fit the needs and interests of each individual.

It is an exciting time!

Below is a guide designed to help students select the most suitable Learning Pathway which will enable them to achieve their potential.

Our aim is to ensure that all students are on courses that:-

  • they know they can do well in
  • are studying subjects they enjoy  
  • reflect their interests and personal qualities
  • helps them to learn in the best way for each individual
  • keeps options open for the future.

Students will choose four options in year 9; students will be entered for a maximum of 10 GCSE’s (or relevant courses, depending on ability).

This year sees a lot of change in the exams, with changes in how results will be reported and how courses will be structured. To help in this process we welcome parents and students to our Pathways for Success Evening on Wednesday 7th February, 6.00pm in the Main Hall.

If you require more information about pathways or courses please e-mail: and I will endeavour to help.

We wish all our students a productive time in researching and choosing their Pathways to Success. 

Russell Bond
Senior Deputy Headteacher