Welcome to Our Science Department

Who We Are

  • Mrs L Panesar – Associate Headteacher
  • Miss K Smith - Head of Science
  • Dr A Eagle - (Curriculum Leader Chemistry)
  • Mrs C Loveday (Curriculum Leader Biology)
  • Mr J Curry 
  • Mr J Tracy (Raising Standards)
  • Mrs A Slyfield
  • Mrs V Foster
  • Mr R Edwards
  • Ms D Taylor
  • Miss T Hatton
  • Mr A Hopkins

Key Stage 3  

Students in Year 7 start with a Science skills unit before embarking on a two year scheme of work covering the National Curriculum, using the Activate resources, in a rota in which they cover three or four units per term. At the end of each term the students are tested on everything covered up to that point.





Yr 7




Acids & Alkali


Particles and their behaviour

Elements and compounds





Yr 8





Earth and Atmosphere

Reactivity of Metals

The Periodic Table

Separating Techniques

Forces & Transport

Heat Transfers



We offer several opportunities for KS3 students (including G&T) to enjoy and experience Science outside the classroom including a Year 7 Science Fair project; visits to places such as Winchester Science Centre, local STEM events and Reading University; and competitions such as the Faraday Challenge and the Salters Festival. Students can also participate in the CREST award scheme run as a club after school.

Key Stage 4

Students start their GCSE Science course in Year 9, following an introductory unit in which they learn about “How Science Works” and skills about thinking, planning and analysing. Students will have 3 subject specialist teachers in Biology, Chemistry and Physics whenever possible in 3 lessons per fortnight per subject. We are using the AQA GCSE course: those in top set will follow the Separate Science award (“Triple Science”) towards three GCSEs, whilst others will follow the Combined Science award towards two GCSEs.  At the end of each half term the students are tested.

The course consists of the following major units, broken into smaller topics within:





Cells and organisation

Disease & bioenergetics

Biological responses

Genetics & reproduction


Atoms, bonding & moles

Chemical reactions & energy changes

Rates, equilibrium & organic

Analysis & the Earth’s resources

Energy & energy resources

Particles at work

Forces in action

Waves, electromagnetism & Space


Key Stage 5

We follow the OCR GCE Advanced Level courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Students in Year 12 usually have two teachers per subject and a total of 10 lessons per fortnight, whilst in Year 13 this becomes 9 lessons per fortnight. We have strong links to Reading University and, in certain topics, students are able to visit here and use their facilities.  Students achieve highly and are helped by experienced teachers who are also able to give advice about career prospects and university courses using these subject qualifications.

May 2020