Sixth Form Life

    Your Learning Environment

    New Futures

    New Futures is an opportunity available to Year 12 students where they raise funds to take a group of students from Addington School in Woodley to the Tirabad residential centre in Wales. Throughout the trip, the Sixth Form students assist and help the pupils during activities such as caving, rock climbing, gully scrambling and canoeing. The week-long trip offers a chance for year 12s to build up trust and bond with the students. They develop existing skills and gain entirely new ones. In the past it has acted as a catalyst for future careers in the care world. The whole experience is exhausting, yet incredibly rewarding.

    Social Aspects

    Keeping a balance between school work and social life in Sixth Form is made easy through various social events. Key aspects are the frequent social events that occur outside of the school which help integrate the two years together. They also have various Sixth Form teams such as the football team and rounders team, which work on a similar level to integrate students. The social areas of the school create a great atmosphere between the two Sixth Form years.

    Fundraising Week

    The annual fundraising week organised by the Year 12 committee, is an integral part of Sixth Form life. It involves the whole school and everyone participates enthusiastically. The week is an opportunity to raise large amounts of money for the chosen charity, and have fun at the same time. Last year, the school raised over £2700 for their chosen charity.  Participating in the fundraising week is a great way to develop team work and communication skills and also gain experience in planning events.

    Community Service

    As an Emmbrook Sixth Form student, you will complete 25 hours of community service over the course of the school year – roughly an hour a week, whether it be helping teachers in lessons, giving tours to parents or working for charities. This doesn’t have to be completed within the school hours or on the school site. These extra-curricular activities enable students to develop a sense of community and are an excellent opportunity for them to be equipped with new, transferable skills. Collectively, this means thousands of hours of help for teachers in school and local voluntary organisations. The hours will be signed off by the form tutor and are a fantastic benefit when it comes to references for University.