Sixth Form Life


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All of our Sixth Form learners are assigned to a tutor who will mentor them through their A level journey.  The tutor will have a mentoring meeting with each of their tutees once every term, with each tutee having a total of 5 meetings during their A level journey.  Each term has a specific theme which is designed to guide our learners through their journey successfully.  In addition, all mentoring meetings are logged and shared with parents so that all key parties are able to support our learners effectively with their A levels.

Social Aspects

Keeping a balance between school work and social life in Sixth Form is made easy through various social events. Key aspects are the frequent social events that occur outside of the school which help integrate the two years together. They also have various Sixth Form events such as fundraising week, which work on a similar level to integrate students. The social areas of the school create a great atmosphere between the two Sixth Form years.


Fundraising is an integral part of Sixth Form life. The sixth form organise a range of events that often involve the whole school. Our most recent fundraising week raised over £2000 for the Young Minds charity.  This year we are partnering with two local charities, The Ollie Young Foundation ( The Ollie Young Foundation was launched in memory of the brave little boy who lost his fight against an incurable brain tumour one day before his sixth birthday and only twelve weeks after first displaying symptoms. There was no available treatment for Ollie, no cure, and no hope.) and BEAT ( BEAT are the UK’s eating disorder charity. Founded in 1989 as the Eating Disorders Association, their mission is to end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders.). These two charities have had a huge impact on students in Sixth Form and often vital support to members of our Sixth Form community. Participating in fundraising great way to develop teamwork and communication skills and also gain experience in planning events.

Community Service

As an Emmbrook Sixth Form student, you will complete 30 hours of community service over the course of the school year – roughly an hour a week, whether it be helping teachers in lessons, giving tours to parents, or working for charities. This doesn’t have to be completed within the school hours or on the school site. These extra-curricular activities enable students to develop a sense of community and are an excellent opportunity for them to be equipped with new, transferable skills. Collectively, this means thousands of hours of help for teachers in school and local voluntary organisations. The hours will be signed off by the form tutor and are a fantastic benefit when it comes to references for University.

Peer mentoring

Peer mentoring is an excellent opportunity for Sixth Formers to work with students from the lower school who may need that extra bit of support during their studies.  All sixth form students are offered this opportunity and are provided with training and support needed in order to be a successful peer mentor.  Peer mentoring takes a variety of forms, you could be paired with a student from year 8 through to year 11, support the homework club, or support a safe space for vulnerable students during break times.  Peer mentoring enables you to develop a range of skills which are highly valued at university.

Leadership opportunities

During year 12, all students will be offered the opportunity to take on a leadership role within the Sixth Form and wider school.  There are a number of sixth form communities, such as the fundraising committee and social and wellbeing committee, which you can join.  Being part of a committee provides you with the opportunity to help shape the direction in which the Sixth Form moves forward.  In year 12, there is also the opportunity to be a House Captain for one of the four houses at the school.  This allows you the opportunity to have a wider impact on school life by working with staff and the lower school to organise a range of extra curricula events for the school.  In year 13, all students have the opportunity to apply to be part of the student leadership team and potential take on the role of Head Student for the school.  These are the most senior leadership opportunities available to students and allow you to take on a major role in the running for the school during your final year.


We pride ourselves on offering a range of extra-curricular opportunities to our students in the Sixth Form.  All students are taken to a careers fair during year 12 and to a ‘safe drive, stay alive’ event aimed at new drivers.  In addition, students are offered the opportunity to sign up to a range of trips, such as Iceland, which offer them unique opportunities whilst in Sixth Form.  We also work closely with World Challenge who offer the Sixth Formers the chance to spend four weeks abroad contributing to a range of local and environmental projects, as well as developing a number skills.  The next World Challenge trip is to Vietnam in 2023.

Pastoral support

All students in the Sixth Form are assigned a tutor who supports them throughout their two years studying with ourselves.  During year 12, tutorial focuses on attendance and behaviour, unifrog profiles and developing the skills learners need to be successful at A levels.  Tutors support the learners by building a positive relationship between the school, students and home.  In year 13, tutorial focuses on progression and exam preparation.  Outside of tutorials, all learners are supported by the wider sixth form team, including both staff and learners.